Book Review #10

Go by Takeshi Kaneshiro

My rating : 4/5

The coming of age novel that have a simple storyline. Even though at the beginning, the family introduction is kind of unique. The storyline is about Sugihara a Korean-Japanese nationality high school student that struggling to grow up between these two cultures.

The characters is all well drawn and attract me to read more. Especially Sugihara character, his narrations about what he is going through is quite interesting. And it does show on his rough personality but at the same time he is smart and curious about life.

I got mixed feelings while reading this . The heartwarming relationship between Sugihara and Sakurai, the way Sugihara talk about his relationship with his parents and his friends. And the big parts of it being treated like a foreigner even though he is fitting in. This could be a fully YA as it is discuss a lot of things that quite make us think a lot. I enjoy reading this because it is compact and a fast read.

Book Review #9

Rest In Pieces : The Curious Fate of Famous Corpse by Bess Lovejoy.

My Rating: 5/5

Lately, I read a lot of non fiction. Not complaining though but my curiosity always lead me to dig and read more non fiction nowadays.

So here is my review about this fascinating book.

We could never be able to avoid death. Even a famous people will face it. But sometimes famous people death brought an unusual occurrences even though they pass away by natural causes. Funeral supposed to be a closing event for life can be a complicated event for them.

The risk of being stolen, burned, sold and any other unthinkable thing that include body parts separated from them is what famous people facing after death. In this book, some of story is hilarious, some of it is just so eerie and making me think if this is the price that we have to pay for being famous?

This book discussing about dead people but then I can still call it as light read for the way it present. Short but informative. Making it an enjoyable read. This is recommended for a curious reader.

“Death is inevitable”

“Every living things will face death”

I’m Still Thinking About

Getting a kindle as my e-reader. It is kind of a battle in my conscience right now either to get it or just use whatever I had. I already have a tablet that I use for reading and also for watching Netflix. Not going to deny, Kindle have that attraction to me that I have been dreaming to get it once it arrived to my country.

For a people that I know have it, they say it is like an investment because it is so mobile and also a light options than bring an actual books, help save environment and also glare free because Kindle using e-ink, better than phone or tablet. I have borrow once and I admit it makes me more wanting it.

But for some reason I feel like I am quite greedy because I’m scared that I might buy it for an ‘aesthetic’ and photography purpose only. Which make me feel that I should not think too much about having it. Besides, like what I say I have a tablet that I can use for reading. It might make me glare but it already serve a purpose as my e-reader and Netflix hub.

So, maybe I should not thinking about it too much and learn to appreciate of what I had. And to be honest my TBR is not a stack anymore but TBR Shelf in a from of physically and digitally. I guess that is all, my blabbering about what I’m still thinking about.

Book Review #8

Zodiac by Robert Graysmith.

My Rating 4/5

True crime is my favourite genre in non fiction. To be honest, serial killer is a fascinating topic in fiction or nonfiction work. It does bring a lot of different perspective in a term of setting, killing method and the progress of solving the case.

As for Zodiac Killer, the killing spree is around December 1968 till early 70’s. It become a fascinating case for a cipher code that accompanied with the killing as it is a way for a killer to get an attention from authority.

I do admit that I take quite a long time to finish this book. There are some chapters that hard for me to digest. But overall, a lot of the information in this book is crucial to build a case and building a character of the killer.

And up until now, Zodiac Killer still remain unknown.

May Wrap Up.

Month of May is not a great month for me. I suffer a bad case of reading slump which is bothering me at the same time. And that idea’s block is haunting me too. Which is kind of make me lose my footing to update anything that include books. The only book that I read in a month of May is Stepford Wives by Ira Levin. And I haven’t make any review of it.

So? What did I do in May. Well, I caught up in personal matter and tiredness overwhelming me. And also, I’m watching too much Netflix. Some tv shows really hooked me and to be honest, not gonna complaining. I even thinks that I might going to write about what I watch lately. And talking about tv show that I watch? Mostly k-drama, k-variety, j-drama with occasionally true crime documentaries.

I should start picking up more reading sessions in June and write more book review. Not sure for writing about things that I watch. But hey, maybe it will happen. So new month, new chapter I guess?

Book Review #7

I want To Eat Your Pancreas (Light Novel) by Yoru Sumino.

My rating: 5 / 5

It is quite hard for me to express my feelings after reading this light novel. It is short but it does rip my heart and it is beautifully written especially the conversation. So maybe I can just share few quotes to give an idea how this light novel tug my emotional side. I might as well watch the movie next time.


” Yet you’re not doing them. Either one of us could die tomorrow. That goes same for you and just as much for me. Every day is worth the same as any other. What I did or didn’t do today doesn’t change it’s worth. Today, I had fun”

” The thing about people is they don’t really care about anyone but themselves. Sure, there are exceptions. Even I can become interested in someone with remarkable circumstance – like you – but I’m not the sort of remarkable person someone else would be interested in. And I don’t feel like talking about something if nobody has anything to gain from it”

” It doesn’t matter. Life isn’t a novel – if you think everything I say has to mean something, you’re seriously mistaken. It didn’t mean anything. you should really spend more time around people. you know.”

Friendship and romances are fun because you don’t know what you are to other person.

“No, because you’re named after a flower that chooses to bloom in spring, just like you believe that our choices, not random chance, determine the people we encounter and the events in our lives.”

The part of her that were incredible – the things that give her charm – had absolutely nothing to do with her shortened life. I was sure she had always been this person. Maybe her viewpoint had taken a slightly firmer shape , and her words took on more richness, but I believed who she was at her core would have been just the same if she was to die the next year or keep on living.


I love how the friendship going on in this. The girl with a positive outlook of life and the boy who is always being in his own world. Pure friendship to be honest. I hope to read more light novel that giving me a feeling like this again.

Book Review #6

Seven Years Of Darkness by You-Jeong Jeong

My Rating : 5/5

A murder of an 11 year old girl happened at Seryong Dam. Altogether with few victims due to an opening of a dam 7 years ago.The killer had been arrested and persecuted.

This thriller have many twist and turn. At first, in my thoughts this story would be revolve around Choi Sowon getting through his life as he is struggling being label as murderer son. For years he is being haunted by the accusation that seem following him everywhere he go and resulting him being rejected by his family.

And the plot getting crazier, the tragedy that happened 7 years ago is different from what being reported by media. Bit by bit, the truth reveal to Sowon as he found a written notes by Mr Ahn, Sowon’s father ex-assistant.

Knowing that Oh Yongje, the father of the girl is not what his image being reflect to public. There is something about Yongje drive the story to a more darker than what being show in media.

Will Sowon learn the truth of what happened 7 years ago? Can he be free from the accusation that lingering around him for too long?

If you love psychological thriller and looking for something that keep you questioning even though you already can predict what happened next. this is for you.

Book Review #5

Unnatural Creatures by Various Authors (Stories chosen by Neil Gaiman)

My Rating : 4 ½ / 5

A collection of short stories that entertaining especially if you are a fan of monster tales. This is
something that you can read at Halloween Story Time (why we have to wait till Halloween to read this?) Every story has its own unique monsters and traits. But some stories leaving a long last impression on me. I pick 3 stories that I love most.

1. The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bee by E. Lily Yu.

  • A story of bee colony. An older generation of bee having an agreement with wasp for an exchange of their safety. And the younger generation of bee did not want to live with that agreement anymore, decided to be a rebel. After a long planning finally the rebel bee bring the colony to a new places.

2. The Compleat Werewolf by Anthony Boucher.

  • A story about a young lecturer that realize that he can turn to werewolf by his own will. He also love struck with the actress that use to go to the same class as him at college. He determine to show his ability to her . But there is one flaw, he need someone to turn him back from his werewolves state to human by saying this one spell word as he cannot spell it on his own while being a werewolf. Would he impress the actress or he actually sending himself to his own doom?

3. The Cockatoucan Or Great Aunt Willoughby by E. Nesbit.

  • A story about a girl named Matilda and her nursemaid getting to a wrong omnibus and stumble at this village that is quite strange for them. A meet with a king form that village, telling a story about how his ministers turn to a boy after a laugh of a bird named Cockatoucan. An it lead to an unhappy princess doing something to a cockatoucan so it will laugh . Could Matilda solve the problem and stop the laugh of the cockatoucan?

For me, this is a kind of light books for the horror books fans. Maybe suit for the fans of cryptids too. The element of horrors, adventures and also a twist of humors exist in this book. Recommended it to the fans of horror.

Book Review #4

Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell

My Rating: 5/5

Ever since I’m reading Carry on, I am so anticipated reading this. I am really feel good but I need more.

So this is a continuation of Simon Snow and Baz story. As the adventure carries on, they taking a trip to America. Starting from Penelope’s plan to look for Agatha and meeting her boyfriend. The misadventures ensue. From meeting Shepard, the normals who keep following them to meeting the biggest vampire hideout in America.

I love how the relationship between Simon Snow and Baz but I need more of them. The plot is too focused on how they stranded in nearly every place. It is quite hard to see them in peace as many chaoses than giving the focus for their relationship.

As for Penelope, I think there will be magic between her and Shepard. There is a quite strong development in their characters. Even though they have a lot of misunderstandings at the beginning of their meet.

I cannot wait for the next installment, and hoping more about Simon and Baz and maybe a happy ending for both of them?

I’m So Crazy About Books

I am an avid reader. I love reading so much, I never consider it as hobby anymore but more to a lifestyle. I start reading at the mere age of 5. I love reading all the material that laying around the house. Newspaper, my mum’s magazine, old textbook.

Until one day my father decide that I am old enough to stay reading at the library (8 years old). My father is kind of frugal person and believe that I don’t need to buy books just to read. He prefers that borrowing from library is better than buying.  He is a retiree and while running errand he will leave me at the library and after that picking me up from the library with all the books that I can check out with. I am quite a fast reader at that young age, so every weekend is a trip to a library.

But as I get older, I read less and less to the point I read only two books in a year. My reading speed is becoming so slow and my attention span is short ( lots of thing distract me). I also got absorb with my job that is so unrelated with reading. Until one day in 2014, I took a trip to a bookstore and found Stephen King book’s Needful Thing. I buy it and start reading and I got absorb with it. I read the book few times and I believe the magic of reading is back and there is no turning back. I’m officially back as book nerd.

It is not really helping that I live in a place where the population that read is so less which may contribute for a lack of reading material as most bookstore selling more stationery and school workbook. I am such an inexpensive person who did not ordering a book from Amazon, Book Depository or any book sites.  Bookstore is an endangered industry and most of the time I resort to get secondhand book from an Instagram seller which is so kind and does helping me to get a book that I rarely can found in my local bookstore. And lately I discover e book (Zlibrary) and the number of books that I keep in my tablet is kind of overwhelmed, just like my physical shelf. And I did not feel guilty about it. And I am getting free books from twitter by the author for an exchange of honest review. I do reviews for the books in my shelves too. Lots of my review is in Goodread.

Reading is the easiest hobby/ lifestyle that I can advice people with if someone ask me what is the best things to do if bored. It is cheap and free (especially if you got library around you and did not mind about fancy cover). Besides, reading offer me an escapism from real life. I feel like I’m in my own world. And it is feeding my imagination and my curious mind. Which left me with a TBR (To Be Read) shelf in both physical and e book forms. And I do dream of a job that related to book. Now, it is time to read.

What about you? What you love about reading? What makes you a reader? Drop at the comment. It will be lovely if it comes with book recommendation.